Luxury diamond brand Bensimon engaged the services of Media In Action’s “Owned Media” division to support its efforts to redefine its brand identity and establish a stronger market presence. The scope of work encompassed the design of a new brand logo, crafting a unique tone of voice, and suggesting effective marketing strategies to realise their vision. 

In creating Bensimon’s tone of voice, M/I/A established the brand’s values and directed Bensimon’s of suitable approaches to communicate this timeless elegance. Finally, M/I/A proposed a multi-faceted marketing strategy that focused on identifying and targeting the right audience through both traditional and digital channels.

M/I/A  leveraged influencer partnerships and exclusive events to suggest effective ways for Bensimon to create brand awareness within the luxury segment. The rebranding journey and Bensimon’s’ new brand identity resonated with customers seeking sophistication and unparalleled craftsmanship. The logo, tone of voice, and marketing strategies aligned perfectly, leading to increased brand recognition, customer engagement, and a notable rise in sales.



Media In Action was thrilled to work with Fayshell to design their dream website. From concept ideation, research and asset creation, to coding and screen optimization, our brilliant team and creative minds can make anything possible. 

This brand-new business is about to shake up the beauty industry with tailor-made skincare subscriptions customized to you. Founded by Cosmechix’s, Ella and Katelin, the pair have tried hundreds of skincare and cosmetic beauty treatments, to nail down the best of the best and key points of difference. And from that Fayshell was born.

We are proud to watch this business flourish and were honoured to be a part of their journey in changing the game of skincare.

Crown Group /


International property development brand Crown Group recognised the need to enhance their communication with customers and investors to establish a more direct and engaging connection. In response, they partnered with Media In Action to create a series of digital newsletters, harnessing the power of “owned media.” Crown Group’s objective was to provide valuable insights, updates, and a sense of community to its audience through a dynamic and personalised digital newsletter strategy.

M/I/A’s approach to Crown Group’s digital newsletters centred on content that not only informed but also fostered a sense of belonging. We meticulously curated content that showcased their premium property developments, architectural prowess, and urban lifestyle insights. Each newsletter was thoughtfully designed, blending compelling visuals with engaging articles, highlighting the unique selling points of their properties.

We harnessed automation to ensure personalised content delivery, tailoring messages to different audience segments, be it potential investors, current residents, or interested buyers. Subscribers received regular updates on project developments, exclusive property launches, and insightful market trends. As a result, Crown Group’s venture into digital newsletters as a form of “owned media” was a resounding success. These newsletters became a dynamic bridge connecting the company to its audience. They were instrumental in reinforcing customer loyalty and brand advocacy. Engagement metrics soared, with high open rates and click-through rates, demonstrating that the audience found value in the content. In the realm of “owned media,” Crown Group reinforced the power of digital newsletters as an effective tool for brands seeking to build lasting connections with their audience. 

202 elizabeth /


Boutique Sydney hotel 202 Elizabeth engaged Media In Action to create and execute a paid social media strategy to achieve their specific goals – namely, such as increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads, or boosting sales.

M/I/A’s paid media team developed and delivered a comprehensive paid social media strategy that combined creativity, data-driven insights, and best practices. The strategy involved various platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

At Media In Action, we craft campaigns that redefine success. For 202 Elizabeth Hotel, our strategy included an always-on campaign to amplify the hotels’ growth, engagement and bookings, and seasonal specials promotions to spotlight seasonal specials and enhance booking numbers.

Our campaign precision was achieved through; meticulous audience testing and targeting, maximising engagement through various creative formats, as well as employing diverse copywriting approaches.

Remarkable Results: Our Facebook ad campaign for 202 Elizabeth Hotel delivered extraordinary success:

  • Booking Clicks: Within just 2 months, we achieved an average of over 200 monthly booking clicks.
  • Brand Exposure: Our campaign consistently reaches over 160,000 people each month.
  • Landing Page Views: Maintaining an impressive average of 4,000 monthly views.
  • Click-to-Conversion Rate: A remarkable 6.35%.


Benchmark-Beating Performance: Our results soar above industry benchmarks, setting a new standard:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) Benchmark: Industry: 0.90% | 202: 4.86%
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) Benchmark: Industry: $0.63 | 202: $0.30
  • Conversion Rate (CVR) Benchmark: Industry: 2.82% | 202: 6.35%
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Benchmark: Industry: $22.80 | 202: $8.10

XGIMI Australia /


At Media In Action, we took on the challenge of XGIMI’s campaign with a clear goal in mind: to increase brand awareness and drive direct e-commerce purchases.

Our strategy was to implement a multifaceted approach, combining an “always-on” campaign format targeting both the top and bottom of the sales funnel. This approach ensured that XGIMI remained at the forefront of the audience’s minds continuously. In addition, we executed targeted promotional campaigns to highlight seasonal specials, thereby boosting revenue.

To achieve optimal results, we meticulously tested different audience segments. This included reaching out to broad Australian audiences, tech enthusiasts, movie lovers, as well as retargeting website visitors, video viewers, and engaged social media users.

Our creative efforts were equally diversified. We experimented with various ad formats, such as single images, single videos, carousels, and collections, alongside story formats. We leveraged dynamic creative to showcase the exact products users had previously viewed on the website. Additionally, we ventured into influencer campaigns to portray the XGIMI brand in a lifestyle-oriented light.

The key to our ad copy success lay in its diversity. We tested multiple ad copy types, incorporating product-focused messaging highlighting benefits, testimonials, and the AIDA method (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Promotional offers were emphasised where applicable.

The results of our partnership with XGIMI have been nothing short of extraordinary:

Remarkable ROI: Our Facebook ad campaign for XGIMI achieved an outstanding overall average Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.71X. This translates to a profit of $6 for every dollar spent on ads across the whole campaign’s goals of website traffic objective ads, as well as conversions. 

Conversion Campaign ROAS: The conversion campaign ROAS surpassed even the already impressive overall ROAS, reaching an impressive 9.21X.

Bottom-of-the-Funnel Brilliance: While the promotional campaigns performed as expected, it was the always-on, dynamic bottom-of-the-funnel ads that consistently delivered the highest return on investment. These ads not only garnered the highest number of impressions but also drove increased landing page views and purchases.



Media In Action’s exceptional performance in our recent campaign for SKYE Suites showcases our commitment to driving unparalleled success. This case study is your invitation to join forces with us and experience the same triumph for your next ad campaign.

M/I/A’s paid media team developed and delivered a comprehensive paid social media strategy that combined creativity, data-driven insights, and best practices. The strategy involved various platforms including Facebook and Instagram.

At Media In Action, we craft campaigns that redefine success. For SKYE Suites, our strategy included an always-on campaign to amplify the hotels’ growth, engagement and convert website visitors into bookings, and seasonal promotions to spotlight seasonal specials, in particular the bookings for functions at SKYE Suites Parramatta.

Our campaign precision was achieved through; tailored audience targeting, maximising engagement through various creative formats, as well as employing diverse copywriting styles.

Exceptional Results: Our Facebook ad campaign for SKYE SUITES achieved phenomenal success:

  • Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): An impressive average of 10X for our conversion campaign.
  • Website Traffic: An average of over 900 monthly visitors driven to the SKYE SUITES website.
  • Engagement: Over 6,000 individuals engaged with our ads on average each month.


Benchmark-Beating Performance: Our results outshone industry standards, setting the bar high:

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR) Benchmark: Industry: 0.90% | SKYE: 2.25%
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) Benchmark: Industry: $0.63 | SKYE: $0.64
  • Conversion Rate (CVR) Benchmark: Industry: 2.82% | SKYE: 3.75%
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Benchmark: Industry: $22.80 | SKYE: $23.10

christian louboutin /


Hosted in collaboration with Crown Group, Sole Searching saw some of Sydney’s most stylish fashionistas – including Elle Ferguson, Dr. Cody and 

Jules Robinson – join Crown Group’s top-tier clients (The Circle) for a luxury evening that treated attendees to bubbles, bites and of course a sneak peek at some of the most beautiful heels in the world!

Synergie skin /


With the crème de la crème of fashion and beauty coming together for Afterpay Australian Fashion Week (AAFW) in May, Media In Action was thrilled to work with Synergie Skin as the official skincare partner of AAFW.

During the week, Synergie Skin showcased clean Australian skincare in the spotlight, engaging across front row product sampling, speaking seminars with Synergie Skin’s Founder Terri Vinson and an educational intimate influencer event with talent including Natalie Roser, Jessie Li, Jordan Simek, Shannon Lawson, Tilly Jac Smith, Eleanor Pendleton and Simone Holtznagel to name a few.

The influencer event was held at the Official Hotel Partner of AAFW and client of Media In Action, Skye Suites with guests being served caviar from Media In Action’s client, Hadid Caviar.

AAFW is an IMG event supported by the New South Wales Government, through its tourism and major events agency, Destination NSW.

is clinical /


To celebrate the launch of their PerfectTint Powder, a fabulous 1930s-style garden party was held at Centennial Homestead as an ode to the decade when sunscreen was invented. Live music by Wolfe Black filled the enchanting venue as huge white umbrellas, crystal fixtures and rattan baskets completed the 1930s vibe.

Amongst the star-studded guest list were Lexy Stevens, Red Dela Cruz, Monique Morley, Suzan Mutesi, as well as iS Clinical’s brand ambassadors Emma Rose and Jayde Heiser.

The VIP list also included an array of micro and macro beauty bloggers, models and beauty press.

The event featured make-up stations with a personalised mirror for each guest, flowing champagne and canapes, a timeline of sunscreen innovations throughout the years, and an introduction to iS Clinical’s PerfectTint Powder.

With #ShedLight as the overall theme and hashtag, the launch aimed to share the exciting details about the new product and the significant highlights in the history of sunscreen.